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"We facilitate and help you to find the right IT / Software solutions."

Application & Software Development

We at VENTEOS offers top-quality custom software solutions to world-class businesses in every industry, starting from dynamic startups, small-medium businesses to large enterprises. We have developed a wide range of custom software projects for a multitude of industries over the years. Here’s what we offer to our clients.

  • Application & Website Development

  • Application Security

  • Product Development

  • QA & Automated Testing

Cloud Services

Venteos empowers businesses with cutting-edge cloud computing services, driving IT transformation and delivering a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive solutions optimize resources, boost productivity, reduce costs, and expedite time-to-market. Whether on-premise, third-party hosted, or hybrid, we offer world-class cloud services, seamlessly addressing customer challenges for successful cloud migration.

  • Cloud Migration Consulting

  • Cloud to Cloud Migration

  • Infrastructure Migration

  • Data Estate Modernisation

  • Cloud Security

  • Data Migration

Technology Consulting & Advisory

In the fast-paced world of technology-driven transformation, managing enterprise IT requires a fresh approach. At Venteos Technologies, we specialize in crafting resilient and scalable ecosystems that fuel business growth. Our software consulting services provide expert tech guidance to help you navigate and leverage the opportunities presented by this dynamic landscape.​

  • Digital Transformation

  • MVP Development

  • Microservice and API architecture, development and integration

Web Development
Enterprise Solution
AR Development
CRM Development
Customized Software Solution provider
New Application Development

 Intelligent Lighting System 

 Fleet Management System

 Smart Utility Management

 Smart Waste Management

 Smart Parking Management

"Problems that need Solutions, consultants will be valuable "

Venteos is a leading provider of IoT-based smart solutions, revolutionizing industries with their innovative and connected offerings. Their expertise in Smart Home Solutions enables seamless control and monitoring of temperature, lighting, and security through IoT-enabled devices.


In Industrial IoT Solutions, Venteos excels in real-time machinery monitoring, predictive maintenance, and production optimization. Their Smart Energy Management solutions empower users to track energy usage and make informed decisions for improved efficiency. Venteos also offers Smart Agriculture and Connected Healthcare Solutions, while their Smart City Solutions tackle urban challenges. Venteos transforms industries with their intelligent and efficient IoT solutions.

IoT Smart Solutions


Android and  Ios Technologies
Customized software
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